A chip off
the old nut.

Introducing Nutchos™ real almond
chips. They’re wholesome, flavorful,
and grain free. Finally, a guilt-free chip
to go nuts over.

Good stuff:

Keto Friendly
Plant Protein
Trans Fat
Made With
Almond Oil
Gluten Free
Grain Free
Nuts. Naturally Good For You

What’s A Nutcho?

Nutchos are wildly delicous almond chips.
That means delicious flavor and satisfying
crunch without the flour or grain.
Gluten-free, made with 100% almond oil
and packed with plant protein. Let’s party.

Dip em! Crunch em!

Try all of our Nutchos varieties:

Original Sea Salt
Pack of 6
Pack of 6
Pack of 6

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